Three Years of Outstanding Academic Accomplishments


During the three years of its operation, 147 players saw their SAT scores increase by 122 points and their ACT scores increase by 2.9. These are remarkable results by any standard, and they can be directly attributed to the combined effort and commitment of ECP's  students and staff. Dedication, planning, enthusiasm, drive, and confidence are the primary reasons ECP produces these outstanding academic results.


NCAA Eligibility 

Approximately 70% of our students come to ECP already NCAA qualified. Of the remaining 30% who were not qualified when they arrived, 89% of these were successfully qualified by the time they left, making a total of 97% of our graduates able to meet NCAA standards. We're very proud of these results, but we have every intention of making this percentage even higher. For us, striving for perfection is standard operating procedure.


College Results 

Over 90% of our alumni are on track to earn a college degree. and more than half are maintaining a 3.0 GPA. The discipline and time management skills learned during their time at ECP are paying huge dividends.