Interview Request

After a thorough review of part I of your admissions procedures, a determination will be made as to whether an on site visit is required or warranted. You will be contacted in that regard.

Visit and Interview

A visit  can be scheduled by calling East Coast Prep and asking for admissions. During your visit you will receive a tour of facilities and a personal interview. A face-to-face interview is mandatory prior to a decision being made on acceptance. All prospective applicants must be accompanied by a parent and, if applicable in the decision, by both parents.

Off Site Interview

Under certain circumstances we will schedule interviews off site. East Coast Prep will draw applicants from not only the East but across the nation. In order to be considered for an off site interview, all application materials must already have been received. If at that point East Coast Prep feels as if the applicant is a solid candidate for admission, then an interview could be setup.