Note of Thanks from Dick Bell

I would like to thank everybody who has shown their support over the last 6 months. Your thoughts and prayers have contributed in a big way to my comeback. You served as an inspiration during days when I questioned if I had the strength to get the job done. In addition to family and friends, the calls I received from ECP alumni and the many College Coaches are of special note, as their calls put me on notice that ECP has changed lives and that I MUST recover.

We have had tremendous success over the past 3 years in fulfilling the primary mission of ECP which is to be a conduit to College Football for the serious High School player! Our placements speak for themselves. We have in a short time become one of the top Prep programs in the country with a deserved strong reputation. WE ARE NOT DONE.

As we begin preparation for the 2017 year at ECP our mission remains the same with some additions. We are pleased that we are one of the top programs in the nation, but our adjusted goal is to become THE TOP PROGRAM IN THE NATION. Our commitment in every facet will be with that goal in mind, be it Staff, Coaching, Schedule, etc. Our work ethic will be second to none!!!!!

As the Director of Operations I make that commitment to any prospective candidate for ECP.
                                      --Dick Bell, Director of Operations, Head Football Coach