The Firebird

The Firebird, or Phoenix, as it is often called, is a miraculous creature from classical mythology. According to the legends, every five hundred years or so it builds a nest that ignites around the firebird and burns until the firebird is nothing but a pile of ashes. But then, miraculously, out of the ashes, a new firebird emerges and the cycle begins again.

For us at East Coast Prep the Firebird is a symbol of new opportunity. It signifies the chance that East Coast Prep offers its prospects to reach another level in their development both as players and as men. It will be the distinctive marking on all our football helmets and serve as a kind of spirit guide for our players, reminding them that a great opportunity awaits them at the end of all the hard work and dedication that, like a purifying fire, will take them to the next stage in their continuing growth.

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The Firebird