Who Are We Looking For?

If you've come this far and you're reading this, then you're probably already a highly motivated individual who wants to reach the next level in your academic and athletic development.

Perhaps you've always been a highly motivated individual, and that's certainly a positive thing. But there's also a good chance that a few years back, when you were younger and less mature, you weren't quite as motivated as you are now. Either way, East Coast Prep has a lot to offer you.

All of us are given a certain amount of natural talent and ability. Some obviously have been given more than others. That's a fact of life that can't be altered. No one can give you more talent and ability than you naturally possess.

But there is one thing you can do that will have an extremely positive effect on your future success: although you can't increase your natural talent and ability, you can work hard and maximize the talent and ability you do have. Most people are actually more talented than they realize, but they never work hard enough to find out just how talented they really are.

If there's one thing that's at the core of the East Coast Prep way of doing things, it's that we make every effort to maximize the talent and ability of all our athletes, both on the field and off. We believe you'll go as far as your work ethic will take you, and because of this, the main thing we look for in all our candidates is a willingness to work hard.

When you enter East Coast Prep, you will be entering a highly disciplined environment. You will be required to concentrate at a high level for long periods of time. (The ability to concentrate on the task at hand is what separates the great athlete from the merely good.) You will be required to reach limits you've never reached before. And by doing these things, you will SUCCEED. The habits and attitudes you develop at East Coast Prep will stay with you for the rest of your life and give you an edge in any competitive situation you enter.

And because we demand so much of you, we've made sure to place you in a peaceful and relaxing environment. When you're not out on the practice field or in the classroom,  you'll be able to enjoy your surroundings, unwind, and get re-focused in a beautiful setting.

At East Coast Prep we do not have an "ideal candidate" for admission. But we do look for character and maturity in the young men who wish to come here. If you feel you meet these criteria, then by all means apply. You will not regret it.

The choice is yours.

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