Mission Statement

The Mission of East Coast Prep is to provide the serious high school football player with higher aspirations an affordable first class Postgraduate (PG) program that will prepare him to not only matriculate to the college or university of his choice, but to be successful once he gets there.

Academic Objectives

  •  Improvement of Core GPA through NCAA approved mastery based online courses

  •  Improvement of SAT/ACT scores through intense 2 x a day SAT/ACT prep course

  •  Improved study habits and time management skills through disciplined daily study


Athletic Objectives

  • Improve football skills and knowledge through College level coaching/teaching.

  • Enhance size, strength, speed and explosion through daily College level conditioning program.

  • Gain added physical, mental and emotional growth through time spent in a highly competitive environment.

  • Get tremendous exposure by competing against College level programs and getting invaluable game video that will be of tremendous help in recruiting process. 

Program Description

  • East Coast Prep is a Postgraduate College Football Prep Program that provides individuals with an opportunity to fulfill their goals at the College level. Our one semester highly disciplined and intense program ultimately has one goal in mind--your success. Everything we do is directed towards that end both on and off the field.

  • From the time you arrive until the time you leave, you will have a First Class Experience that includes exceptional housing and dining, Division I level football training facilities, exceptional Coaching and Teaching, and  recruiting exposure to Colleges not only on a regional  but on a national basis.

  • The beauty of this College freshmen level program is that like all PG programs you preserve all your NCAA eligibility, making you a much more attractive recruit! The fact that we are very affordable only enhances the value of the East Coast Prep experience.

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