List of Items Needed by All Prospects

Laptop with wireless capability

Black cleats*

Black turf shoes*

East Coast Prep Travel Suit (1)*

East Coast Prep Travel Shirts (2)*

East Coast Prep Travel Shoes (1)*

Workout clothes

                                     -tee shirts


                                     -white socks

                                     -workout shoes (sneakers)


General clothes (should include)

-collared shirts (3+)

-Khaki Pants/ECP Pants (3+)  

General clothes for daily living

Bed linens/sheets/pillowcases



Toiletries: soap, shampoo, razors, deodorant, toothbrush, etc.

Alarm clock

Academic supplies: pencils, pens, binder, notepad, calculator

*With enrollment package, you will receive info on all East Coast Prep gear (required and optional) through our partnership with Adidas.