Tuition and Fees for 2018

Statement Of Low Costs

In recent years the cost of post graduate enrollment in the United States has spiraled out of control and put a serious crimp in the American Dream. At East Coast Prep we keep this fact before us at all times.

We know how hard the average American family works to earn enough money to finance their children's post graduate needs. Every dollar counts. Because of this, we've worked very hard to come up with a model that allows you to meet those needs, as well as allowing us to offer our athletes a great opportunity to increase their recruiting exposure and optimize their college choices. We have a beautiful facility, and our staff is of the highest quality, with all members having college level experience. But while other programs are raising tuition fees, East Coast Prep is going in the opposite direction, with tuition fees lower than any prep program in the nation. We're committed to it.

By all means do your homework, check out other programs and what they offer. But in the end, if you look carefully and weigh the differences, you will realize that, dollar for dollar, East Coast Prep offers an experience second to none at an incredibly manageable cost.**

List Of Fees

Tuition/Room and Board:  $19,950

The above amounts also include the following: 

  • NCAA Approved Online Courses (2)

  • SAT/ACT Prep Course and Materials

  • Athletic Fees/Equipment/Uniforms/Transportation

  • Strictly Monitored Strength And Conditioning Program

  • NCAA Clearance Evaluation-Not Registration

  • Recruiting Promotion

  • Development Of Highlight Video

    **Limited Financial Aid is also available.

Schedule Of Tuition/Plans

Enrollment Fee (Due Within 3 Weeks Of Acceptance):   $2,500*

Once accepted at ECP, parents will be asked to confirm the acceptance within 2 weeks by forwarding enrollment fee to secure spot in class or acceptance will be vacated as spots are limited.

First Payment Due May 10 $3,450*
Final Payment Due August 1 $14,000*

Other Fees

Security Deposit  $500 (Due upon check in) 

The security deposit is refundable. Each individual is responsible for damage due to his actions. In cases where no one takes responsibility for his actions, then damages outside of normal wear and tear will be pro-rated based on the entire pool of deposits. If the individual pool or the entire pool is used, then bills for the balance will be sent to individuals accordingly.   

Health Fee $200 (Due upon check in)
This fee is non-refundable. It will cover the cost of transportation to and from a hospital or doctor, along with other medical incidentals.            

Application Review Fee: $50*

        (Payable with application and not included with tuition)

*All application fees and tuition payments except the security deposit are NON REFUNDABLE!

 *We do not offer application fee waivers.  Everyone who applies must pay the application fee.  

Not Included but Required

  • NCAA Clearinghouse Registration

  • SAT/ACT Testing Fees

  • Laptop Computer

  • Black Cleats/Turf Shoes

  • Individual Health Insurance

Not Included

  • Personal transportation (costs vary by time and distance)

**Limited Financial Aid is also available

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